Playing basketball doesn't make you grow taller.

Which university are you studying at?

Tottie is a prophetic figure.


After the conflict there were many dead on both sides.

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Call an ambulance.

The sun was about to rise.

Srivatsan lost his mittens.


I wonder who.


Manjeri doesn't have any credit cards.

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There was no one on the beach.


The situation was really difficult to deal with.

Stop, I say.

We have 13 grandchildren.

I'll meet you there in a little bit.

The old man opened the car window and aimed his gun at the bird.

I'm really excited about this.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

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Nicolas has been to Boston twice.


That's interesting. Why would you do that?


His notions were what is called advanced.

Peggy has been like this for several hours.

I can see how you might've made that mistake.


Don't let yourself be cheated!


At the first hint of trouble, Kieran disappeared.

I work very little... I'd like to work more.

Show me your right hand.

This is a menu.

I am glad to see her.


He is known to everybody.


Every insult from Joel is just a hidden compliment.

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Nobody wants to talk about that.


I don't want to bore you by repeating things you already know.

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She told me which clothes would be good to wear.


This hotel is relatively expensive for this town.


So, what drove you to do it?

Our English teacher put emphasis on pronunciation.

A departmental manager is always between a rock and a hard place.

I told you to stay here.

Just be careful of Sriram.

That can be arranged.

The noble lady drove by towards the baron's mansion with her three daughters, in a gilded carriage drawn by six horses.


I didn't look at Lynne.

I looked in Sjaak's eyes.

Look after your little sister.

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People used to write books using typewriters.

She has a good memory, too.

It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse is out.

How do you think we can help Carolyn?

I'm afraid the job I've got for you won't be easy.

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The audience groaned at some of Murthy's puns.

Love others as you love yourself!

Jef made friends with the new girl in school.

My door is always open. Feel free to visit when you want.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.


Suzanne sat on the arm of the couch.


Boredom is itself boring, hence it tends to feed on itself.

It'll come to me.

Could you bring me a Japanese newspaper?

Don't forget to close the fly of the tent after you enter.

Don't let that happen.

We have a moral responsibility to act.

I cannot weigh myself. I don't have scales.

Ji barely passed the exam.

Death is certain.


I'm in your hands.


I think Floria is foolish.

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Jeffrey took off on his bicycle.

The enemy approaches the town.

Escargot doesn't sound very appetizing.

It's too early in the year for cherry blossoms to be out.

That's my song!

After a minute of free fall he pulled the rip cord and out came the parachute.

Nate has done so much already.

I don't spend the whole day on Facebook.

How much did you have to pay for that?


Odysseus and Morpheus are pronounced, with perfect regularity, like Zeus.


Italy, Romania, Portugal, and Greece joined the Allies.


Are you sure you don't want me to stay?

Let me have a talk with him.

Let's not tell anybody.


I don't have my purse.

It's an improvement.

Is there anyone you don't get along with?

Micky can hardly see without his glasses.

The court ordered her to pay the fine.

I do a lot of stuff that my mother doesn't know I do.

The glacier moves but by inches.


You had better get away from here at once.

Gill gave a vague answer.

Rathnakumar doesn't like that at all.

Peter I cut a window to Europe.

We were almost there.

Watch out for his latest movie which comes out next month.

I'll keep you company.

It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out; it's the grain of sand in your shoe.

The direction of the thrust force depends on how the engines are attached to the aircraft.

That's for you to do.

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No one takes him seriously.

At this stage there is still not a clear energy policy for bringing decentralised power to rural areas.

That was pretty tough.

She gave me a hand to set the table.

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Why do you think Dan would do this?

This is the first time I've ever applied this ointment on my wound.

I'd like to change my image.

She can speak English pretty well.

Charles isn't up yet.

Did you have a fun day with Timo?

I think you deserve more than this.


She can do 90 miles an hour.

The blueblood lady held the simple folks in disdain. In her eyes, they all looked boors with a brusque style, despite the fact that this time it is owing to them that she had roof above her head.

Enjoy your meal!

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The mayor will shortly announce his decision to resign.

What's inside?

His plan has both virtues and liabilities.

I don't need that anymore.

Why did you skip school?

I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

You're just trying to scare us.

We're just practicing.

You shouldn't allow your son to act like a selfish brat.

I didn't catch your last name.

Flying kites can be dangerous.

You all did well.

I contacted Alison.

I don't work on Sundays.

Just between you and me, that fat ugly witch is on a diet.

The bill was passed by an overwhelming majority.

I have completed the moving.

His performance left nothing to be desired.

"I like Andy Murphy's movies." "But mom! It's Will Smith." "Who?"

You said you wanted the truth.

They held out against all odds.

Five years have been spent building the new building.

Please put their name on everything they take with them.

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You can go there directly by bus or by train.

I thought Jenine had a day off.

I don't want to buy anything.


I don't think I could stand to spend six hours alone with you.


"Would you like any more?" "No, I've had enough."


I can manage to count to ten in Italian.

The beginning of a sentence starts with a capital letter.

I don't understand why it happened.

I'm worried about her, too.

I had the nerve removed from my tooth.

Have I said something to upset you?

What are those for?

Do you want me to read this out loud to you?

These aren't yours, are they?


I want to lodge a formal complaint.

We're not going to sell it.

Have you ever been arrested?


I think you should choose Radek.

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Please get these letters off right away.

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Alcohol consumption is higher in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe.

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He is in the habit of keeping early hours.